Please browse through the categories below to understand how we comply with GDPR regulations. This will help you to understand your rights and our commitment to respecting, managing and securing your data.

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We have always worked very hard to protect the data that is so important to you. We very much welcome the focus that GDPR has put on the subject, as it is really important that we all embrace the purpose of the GDPR guidelines, to ensure a more secure environment for us all.

Our engagement with you and your data is very simple;

        • You provide your data in a prescribed format voluntarily to allow us to fulfil our implied contractual duty to you
        • We use that data to fulfil our duties to you in a secure environment with various levels and types of security measures
        • We share that data only with the Plan Insurers and Benefits providers to facilitate the plan and benefits for you
        • We hold that data a reasonable period until you cancel your membership
        • The data is held securely during this period and deleted thereafter
        • We never sell your data, never give access to any unconnected third parties, never use the data to market to you for other services
        • We engage and contract with our supply chain of partners who are involved in this process to ensure their compliance with GDPR regulations

We are a Data Controller under the terms of the GDPR regulations.

Under GDPR, businesses must comply as either data processor or data controller, in relation to specific data.

    • Data processors process personal data on behalf of the controller, but they don’t decide the purpose (the ‘why’) or the means (the ‘how’).
    • Data controllers determine the purpose of the processing and the means to achieve that purpose. Essentially they decide why and how the processing should take place.

The data we gather

We gather only the data that is appropriate for us to complete the benefits or insurance process that you have asked us to complete for you. That data is related to your Personal details, Contact details, Employment, Address and so forth, such as we would normally require to create your membership and benefits.

We never have any need to request sensitive personal data from you.

You have instructed us to assist you in the fulfilment of a membership of Assured Benefits Club. This means that we have an implied contract with you to act on your behalf to help with this process. You are providing your personal data to us voluntarily, as you are not obliged to follow this process or use our services.

The lawful basis of our accessing and controlling the data that you provide to us, is on the basis of a Contract.

Your rights

Right of Access – You absolutely have the right to request a copy of the data that we hold for you. You can make a request for this data at any time you wish.

The GDPR guidelines state that we have up to one month to send this information to you however we will work to send this information to you much faster than that generally. We will send this information to you in a recognised and usually an electronic format.

Right of Erasure – If you have cancelled your membership, and you wish for your data to be Erased, please simply contact us using the details below:

We have no interest in storing data beyond this reasonable period and will seek to compliantly erase this data within these timescales.

Right of Portability – If you wish to use alternative service similar to ours,  to carry out a process similar to ours, we are able to send any data that you have provided us with to that other provider, if you so request.

Please simply let us know, by emailing us at:

Right to be Informed – You have the right to be informed of the collection and use of your personal data You do this voluntarily in using our services and we fulfil our obligations to you in doing so. We only use your data for the purposes of your membership with us.

Right of Rectification – You have the right to have your data that we hold corrected or completed if the data that we have from you is incorrect or incomplete.

Right to Restrict – You have the right to request the restriction or suppression of your personal data;

  • This is not an absolute right and only applies in certain circumstances.
  • When processing is restricted, we are permitted to store the personal data, but not use it.