“With such a revolutionary service, it’s only natural that you’ll have some questions about us, our products and our service. We’ve listed the most common questions below. If you need more help than you can find here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, in a way that suits you. See our CONTACT PAGE here

About Us

The Assured Benefits Club Ltd was formed to provide a service for the many millions of people who lead busy lives, and find it difficult to access Health and Wellbeing services easily and in ways that suit them.  We have negotiated a package for our members with Trusted, Long established providers – such as BHSF Ltd who have a 145 year history and over 1 million users of their own.

We understand that millions of people in the UK lead busy lives, and don’t potentially have time or access to great Wellbeing products and services. We understand that people still need and want great products. We have chosen to deliver these products and services in a brilliant new way – online digitally, at a fixed price, simply and with incredible added benefits. It works, you can access it right here.

We are an Affinity Club that has arranged a package of benefits which includes simple, easy to arrange benefits. An Affinity Club means that we can provide exclusive access to packaged products, not usually or easily available to non-members.

Yes, it is. No long forms to complete; the application you complete on the web site is the only application. You can enjoy your benefits immediately.

No. Assured Benefits Club Ltd. is a Limited company owned by its shareholders. Club members don’t accrue any ownership or have voting rights (although we will always be interested in your feedback).

Regulation / Advice

NO. However the providers of our products are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We don’t market any regulated Financial Services products direct to any retail users.

Our supplier, BHSF Limited is covered by the FSCS. Compensation from that scheme may be payable if BHSF is unable to meet its obligations (e.g. if it goes out of business or into liquidation or is unable to trade). Entitlement depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. The Assured Benefits Club Ltd is not covered by the FSCS. Further information about the scheme is available on the FSCS website fscs.org.uk.

Membership Admin

We have no minimum membership period or conditions. We offer a completely open and transparent membership. You can be a member for as long as you wish. Benefits will cease as soon as you stop paying and stop being a member of the Club.

As soon as you have joined and completed our very quick online application, you will receive an immediate email, to the email account that you have registered with, which will detail all of your benefits and confirm that you are covered.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Benefits cease from the date of cancellation.
Please simply email us at info@assuredbenefitsclub.co.uk
You should also cancel your direct debit instruction directly with your bank if you wish.


We will collect your membership fees by Direct Debit

We have absolutely no hidden fees or costs.

Your first payment will come off by direct debit usually within 3 days of your submitting your bank details on the application form. If payment fails for any reason you won’t have access to any benefits until the first payment has been received.

We offer FIXED price plans for everyone, so you will know before you join, how much your benefits will cost.


We take data protection very seriously. We are registered with and comply with current GDPR regulations and guidelines stipulated by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Our registration number with the ICO is A8141599. We do not pass your details to any third party for any marketing purposes. We do not sell data or information to any third party. We use your data and personal information to inform our supplier partners of your membership to allow us to provide you with the membership benefits that you have applied for only. We will use your contact information to keep in touch with you as a member of the club.

Please see our privacy and GDPR policies here at: http://www.assuredbenefitsclub.co.uk/gdpr/

Your payments are protected and covered by The Direct Debit Guarantee (or the “Direct Debit Indemnity”) is the Direct Debit scheme’s members protection. The Guarantee protects members against payments made in error or fraudulently, making Direct Debit the UK’s safest payment method

Benefits Package

The GP 24 hour service is staffed with hundreds of doctors, all based in the UK and all dedicated to providing this specialised service around the clock. They are all qualified doctors and are not trainees or unqualified call handlers. They can all prescribe medication should you require or want that. They provide this service to thousands of people every day. You may just have never heard of this before.

We will collect your membership fees by Direct Debit

Yes,  you can use all of the discounts and rewards. There are hundreds of discounts on offer with rewards and benefits available from all of them. You can access as many of them as you want as often as you want. The specific benefits, discounts and rewards on offer are subject to regular review and may be altered at any time without notice. Access to specific retailer discounts can vary from time to time.
There are no restrictions.

Try them out. They are all real, they all exist and they will benefit members who choose to save money. Its best to make as much use of these benefits as possible, whenever you are buying anything. Have a quick search on the APP to identify everywhere where you can save money.

Our partners and suppliers have been providing and refining these benefits for many, many years. Through our affinity club structure, we are able to pass all of these benefits onto our members without any restriction.

As soon as you submit your direct debit details. Once they have been confirmed as being accepted, you are on cover – assuming the collection of the first payment is successful, it is as simple as that.

You can contact us either by email or via the website, or by post in writing.

Email: info@assuredbenefitsclub.co.uk

Address: Assured Benefits Club Ltd. Springfield House, Laurel Hill Business Park, Stirling FK7 9JQ